~ Angelic Inspiration:  My Journey with Botticelli’s Angels ~

~ Angelic Inspiration: My Journey with Botticelli’s Angels ~

Botticelli, the renowned Italian Renaissance master, is known for his exquisite and ethereal depictions of angels in his paintings.  As an artist with a deep appreciation for his work.  I recently found myself drawn to his heavenly creations and found inspiration for my latest series “Jewels from Heaven”.   In this blog, I want to share how Botticelli’s angels have influenced and ignited my creative spirit.



A closer look at Botticelli’s Angels:

Botticelli’s angels are enchanting to say the least.  They exude a sense of purity, grace, and timeless beauty.  In works like the “Mystical Nativity” and “The Annunciation,” he portrays angels as celestial messengers, often bearing symbols of hope and salvation.  These divine beings seem to float on air, their delicate wings and serene expression evoking a sense of awe and wonder.

Botticelli, Mystic Nativity, detail 2 | Alessandro Botticell… | Flickr

 Mystical Nativity

Inspiration through Ethereal Beauty:

One of the first aspects of Botticelli’s angels that inspired me was their ethereal beauty.  Their flawless, almost otherworldly appearance served as a reminder that art can transcend reality, offering glimpse into a realm of pure aesthetics.  I aspired to infuse my own work with that profound sense of transcendence, endeavouring to encapsulate the heavenly elegance and inherent beauty.



Exploring Grace and Movement:

The way Botticelli’s angels appear to move with such grace and fluidity is a testament to his skill as a master.  Considering I shoot underwater, I used the movement of water and being suspended to replicate the grace, fluidity and being weightless in my work.



A Journey of Growth:

Drawing inspiration from Botticelli’s angels has been a journey of growth and artistic exploration.  It’s not about replicating his work, but rather understanding the essence of what makes his angles so captivating.  I aimed to channel that essence into my own new series “Jewels from Heaven” aiming to infuse it with a touch of heavenly beauty.


Finally, my journey with Botticelli’s angels has been one of profound inspiration and artistic development.  It has encouraged me to dig deeper into my own creative well and to explore the realms of celestial within my artwork.  As I continue to work on my new series.  I hope to capture just a fraction of the timeless beauty and grace that Botticelli’s angels embody.


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