~  Underwater Update: My  Artistic Process   ~

~ Underwater Update: My Artistic Process ~

I have just completed a new series, and I'd like to involve you in my process. My new body of work is titled "Jewels from Heaven."


Come with me as I guide you through my creative process, from the initial spark of an idea to the completion of the entire series of work.


Let's take a moment to overview it.


  • Conceptualisation phase

  • Inspirational research

  • Reflection period

  • Planning the photo shoot

  • First proof of concept shoot

  • Evaluation and refinement: What worked well?Conducting 2-3 full production shoots

  • Editing Process

  • Unveiling the final creations!




When I embark on a new series, it's often a reflection of the experiences and emotions I'm navigating in my own life. Crafting visuals to encapsulate these moments not only aids in my personal processing but also establishes a connection that resonates with many. The genesis of my new body of work  “Jewels from Heaven”, has been incubating for some time.  I've found inspiration in the works of great artists from our past, such as Norman Lindsay, who consistently employed the same muse in all of his drawings. Another source of influence comes from Michelangelo's masterpieces, particularly those adorning the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.


I have delved into the works of great painters from the past, drawing inspiration from their masterpieces to weave a new narrative beneath the water. These timeless expressions of human emotion and nature's beauty have served as a guiding force as I translate their essence into the realm of underwater fine art photography. I’m seeking to portray the fluidity of life beneath the surface through a visual symphony of colour, movement, and emotion.



This shoot was the first time I shot from above the water, whilst the model was in the water.  Usually I am always in the water with my model.  Shooting in an indoor pool introduced unexpected nuances, with the overhead roof casting peculiar reflections across the model's body. This led to a series of reshoots until I achieved a final product that met my satisfaction. The experience not only pushed the boundaries of my usual underwater work but also offered valuable insights for future endeavours.


Editing as an underwater fine art photographer involves meticulous work in Lightroom for overall tone and color adjustments. Challenges unique to underwater settings, such as exposure issues and distortions, are addressed here. Transitioning to Photoshop, I use advanced techniques to blend elements, enhance textures, and craft a surreal visual narrative. This combination of tools acts as my artistic palette, enabling me to create captivating fine art compositions that evoke the ethereal beauty of the underwater world.



Now is the moment to present my work to the audience, a phase that can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, given the uncertainty of how it will be received. Fortunately, my previous series, "Jewels from Heaven," was warmly embraced when unveiled in galleries, instilling confidence in my artistic direction. Experimenting with various printing surfaces, I've discovered that the visual impact of "Jewels from Heaven" is particularly striking on silk and linen drops.

Love to hear your thoughts on my new body of work,


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