~ WHERE DO I FIND INSPIRATION: a sneak peek into my creative process ~

~ WHERE DO I FIND INSPIRATION: a sneak peek into my creative process ~

As a fine art photographer, inspiration can come from a variety of sources. From the natural world to everyday objects, anything can be a potential subject for a beautiful fine art print. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at where as a fine art photographer finding inspiration and the creative process behind capturing and producing stunning fine art prints for my customers.


One of the most important sources of inspiration for me as a fine art photographer is the natural world. Whether it's the mountains, the ocean, or the sky, the beauty of nature is endless. 

Another source of inspiration I find as a fine art photographer is everyday objects. By seeing the beauty in ordinary things, as a photographer I aim turn something mundane into a work of art on a printed canvas or an archival print, that will last for years.


Once I was waiting for a model to enter the water and I was holding a rose near the surface and was captured by the reflection as well as the flower.  I had the vision instantly of what I wanted to create. I loved the creative process of creating this piece as a framed fine art print for a modern interior.  This is where my "REFLECTION" series blossomed - so to speak 



The creative process behind capturing and producing fine art prints can be complex and time-consuming. From the initial idea to the final product, I must carefully consider each step of the process. This includes designing a story board, incorporating the look, feel and colour.  sourcing the wardrobe to accentuate the mood and look for the piece. Choosing the appropriate pool, right lighting and composition.  The model plays a major part of the mood and feel to bring the creative vision to life, especially for any large format fine art print or oversized prints that are suitable for commercial settings.


Overall, I can find inspiration in a variety of situations. As I live by the water, I find inspiration everyday; the reflections on the water or the movement of the wind over the water, or even in the creative process itself.  Sometimes it maybe talking with a friend, and inspiration will just pop into my head...... Creativity and inspiration is everywhere

Chat next week.

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